Here is where you'll find all the course information for the classes I teach, which are mostly associated with the ISP. If you more detailed syllabi then have a look at Hokkaido University's syllabus search page.

I currently run several classes. Physics I is for first years to get to grips with the foundations of their university physics courses, and will mainly be a detailed review and consolidation of what they already know from high school. It covers mechanics, optics and wave phenomena, running in tandem with Physics II (ran by Prof. Zhou).

Classical Mechanics I is a detailed look at pre-Lagrangian/Hamiltonian mechanics, incorporating solving differential equations and multidimensional calculus. This course covers constructing equations of motion, complex oscillatory motion, orbital dynamics and rigid body motion. This is then continued in the analytical mechanics-focused course: Classical Mechanics II. I teach one third year course, Thermo and Statistical Mechanics II, which follows on from Prof. Zhou's course and focuses much more on the "statistical" part. I additionally teach a half module, Introduction to Fourier Analysis, focussing on Fourier Series, integral transforms, and solutions to partial differential equations.

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