Below are publications I have co-authored. Papers included are either accepted, submitted, or very near to submission stage (i.e. no nebulous "in preps"). I have not included proceedings, you can find them in the News section if you really want to know. I keep an updated list on ADS with all peer reviewed articles and sumbitted arXiv pre-prints:


Here is my CV if you are so inclined to read [accurate as of April 2020].


Here is my entire thesis. Be warned, it is quite a big file! Alternatively feel free to download the individual chapters if you'd prefer:


Below are codes and some invaluable software I have used in my work, most of which are numerical hydrodynamics codes.

PHANTOM - D. Price's SPH code (NDSPMHD is good too).
GASOLINE - J. Wadsley's SPH code.
GIZMO - P. Hopkin's hydrodynamics code.
GADGET2 - V. Springel's SPH code.
TORUS - A 3D AMR radiative transfer code by T. Harries (not public, yet).
ENZO - A grid-based hydrodynamics code.
SPLASH - D. Price's visualisation software for SPH data.
YT - A versatile python-based analysis package for SPH/AMR data.
glnemo2 - Interactive viewer for astrophysical codes by J. Lambert.