Current Students

Information for Current Students

For students currently studying in the Astrophysics Laboratory to find information relevant to their studies and the daily operations of the laboratory.


Current Meeting Schedule:

We have one regular meeting which usually occurs once per fortnight. However, if there are guests visiting the laboratory this is subject to change. This meeting will discuss current research of the laboratory and/or recently published papers by other members of the academic community relevant to the research of current staff and students.

(**Note — Due to the continuing covid-19 situation these continue to be held online until further notice)


Useful Links

Internal sites:

Our lab’s internal webpages: wiki page

Graduate School of Science Class Timetable: Semester 1 (2019), Semester 2 (2019)

University Calendar: FY2019 (English)

Class Registration Information for International Students: OIAS Class Registration

Library Catalogue: Astro Library

Astrophysics resources:

Astronomical Society of Japan: ASJ (English)
and their bi-annual conference series: Nenkai page

Stellar Abundances for Galactic Archaeology Database for Metal Poor Stars: SAGA Database

The astrobites blog, great for tips for new researchers: Astrobites

The astrobetter blog, geared more to post-PhD’s but a good place for students to read about what they are getting into: Astrobetter

The AAS job register, where 99% of jobs in astro will be advertised: AAS register

Canadian Astronomy Data Centre international meeting list, one of the most concise lists of conferences in astronomy: CADC international meeting list

An ADS library of useful papers on life in astro (Dr Pettitt maintains): ADS link

The Open Astrophysics Bookshelf offers a couple of great graduate level modern texts: Open Astrophysics Bookshelf