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Kazuo Sorai
Associate Professor (cross-appointment University of Tsukuba)[sorai]

interstellar gas and star formation in galaxies, active galactic nuclei, interstellar gas in distant galaxies, development of radio/optical observational instruments and observation system

Yoshiyuki Yajima
D2 [yajima]

Nearby galaxies / Barred spiral galaxies / Dynamics of gas in galaxies / Radio astronomy / Interstellar medium (mainly molecular gas) / Excitation modeling of molecules in interstellar medium / Star formation

Mio Akahori
M2 [akahori]

Spiral arm patterns /Galaxies properties in spiral galaxies

Ayumi Kajikawa
M2 [kajikawa]

Nearby galaxies / Galactic morphology / star formation and interstellar gas in galaxies / galaxy evolution / Radio astronomy

Yu Yashima
M2 [yashima]

interstellar gas and star formation in nearby galaxies, and radio observational software update

Miriam Sawczuck
SRS [miriam]

galaxy evolution based on spatially resolved and global properties of nearby galaxies

Mari Takahashi
M1 [takahashi]
Kazuki Shimizu
M1 [shimizu]
Suphakorn Suphapolthaworn
B4 [suphakorn]