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Astrophysics Laboratory  11m Radio Telescope
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★Hokkaido University 11m Radio Telescope
★ Group of Reseach and Education of Astrophysics and Astro-technology
★ Related Topics of Our Radio Telescope
−The Celemony of Our Radio Telescope Foundation (2001/3/14)
−The Celemony of The First Light of Our Telescope (2002/1/16)
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★International Conference 'The Impact of Galactic Structure on Star Formation' (2014/02/16-21)
★Workshop, "Research of Galaxy Formation by Stellar evolution, Star formation, From The First stars to Formation of Solar System." (2011/03/02-04)
★Miniworkshop "Structure Formation and Evolution of Matter in the Uiverse", (2009/2/25-26)
★ "The second workshop, Dawn of the Universe" (2007.9/1〜9/3)
★ "The First Workshop on Dawn of the Universe"(2007.2/22〜2/23)
★Workshop, "Present Status and Future of Astrogas Dynamice" (2006/11/27-28
★The second education program for graduate students in Astrophysics ( 2006.9/4〜8)
★The first education program for graduate students in Astrophysics (2006.3/6〜3/10)
★ workshop on stellar evolution (2002.3/18〜3/20)
★ workshop on Pop. III (2003.9/11)
★ International meeting - Recent Advances in Astrophysics and Planetary Science - from the early universe to the Solar system - (2005.3/1-2)

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