Scientific Program

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Sunday 16th February

Reception at the Aspen Hotel from 6pm - 8pm.

Monday 17th February

Yasuo Fukui
Observation evidence for cloud-cloud collisions
Kazufumi Torii
High mass star formation in M20 triggered by cloud-cloud collisions
Shigeki Shimizu
A molecular line survey of Spitzer bubbles: possible evidence for frequent cloud-cloud collisions


Masato Tsuboi
Cloud-cloud collisions in the galactic central region
Norikazu Mizuno
Young massive cluster formation triggered by cloud-cloud collisions
Michiko Fujii
The mass function of star clusters formed in turbulent molecular clouds


Asao Habe
Theoretical studies of cloud-cloud collisions
Benjamin Wu
GMC collisions as triggers for star formation
Sven Van Loo
Kilo-parsec scale simulations of star formation in disc galaxies
Kengo Tachihara
Driving the interstellar turbulence and the initial conditions of molecular clouds


Tuesday 18th February

Eva Schinnerer
Molecular gas, star formation and spiral arms
Annie Hughes
Environmental variations in GMC properties and star formation in nearby galaxies
Akihiko Hirota
Giant molecular clouds in M83


Taichi Nakashima
Molecular cloud properties in the galactic arms
Tomoka Tosaki
ALMA view of GMAs in the starburst ring of NGC 1068 traced by 13CO, C180, CS and CH3OH
Sharon Meidt
How gas dynamics influences GMCs and the global pattern of star formation in M51


Clare Dobbs
The impact of spiral structure: gas dynamics, star formation and stellar ages
Rowan Smith
Studying galactic-scale star formation with Arepo
Yusuke Fujimoto
GMC formation and evolution in a barred galaxy
Fumi Egusa
ISM evolution of M51


Kazuo Sorai
CO multi-lines imaging of nearby galaxies, COMING


Wednesday 19th February

Jin Koda
The impact of galactic structure on gas physical conditions and star formation
Hsi-An Pan
Dynamical influence of gas and star formation properties in the bar of NGC 6946.
Kazi Rygl
Maser astrometry as a tool to study star formation in the spiral arms


Rieko Momose
Star formation activities among structures in nearby disc galaxies
Takashi Hasegawa
HST/ACS photometry of M51 disc: pattern speed measurements
Sungsoo Kim
Star Formation in the central molecular zone and circumnuclear disc of the Milky Way


Thursday 20th February

Keiichi Wada
Interaction between non-steady stellar spirals and the ISM
Marie Martig
Star formation in spiral vs ellipitcal galaxies
Kyle Westfall
Disc stability and star formation
Yuta Kato
The enhanced star formation activity in the nodes of the cosmic web at z>2


Harald Braun
Large eddy simulations of isolated disc galaxies with thermal and turbulent feedback
James Green
The Road to SKA Phase 1: Planned capabilities for studies of galactic structure and star formation
Takayuki Saitoh
A density independent SPH


Frederic Bournaud
Universality and non-universality of star formation scaling relations : from low to high redshift, and from disks to starbursts.
Iraklis Konstantopoulos
A deep look at star formation and its dependence on (super-)galactic environment
Pierre-Alain Duc
Investigating spatially resolved star-formation in nearby mergers
Juan Diego Soler
An imprint of the magnetisation in the structure of the interstellar medium


Hua-bai Li
The impact of galactic magnetic fields on star formation
Sho Soga
Radiation driven implosion in a bright rimmed cloud SFO82
Joanne Dawson
Molecular cloud formation via large-scale stellar feedback: observing, demonstrating, quantifying


Friday 21st February

Francoise Combes
Star formation in interacting and merging galaxies
Florent Renaud
Why (and how) star formation does care about its galactic environment
Toshiki Saito
Investigating AGN / starburst activities through ALMA multi-line observations in the mid-stage IR-bright merger VV114
Daichi Kashino
Properties of star-forming galaxies at z~1.6 revealed by FMOS-COSMOS survey


Gerhard Hensler
Star formation at extreme conditions: the role of the initial mass function on the survival of tidal-tail dwarf galaxies
Emanuele Daddi
The evolution of the ISM in galaxies through cosmic time
Timothy Davis
Suppressed star-formation in massive early-type galaxies: the impact of galaxy dynamics


Takashi Okamoto
Evolution of galaxy populations in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation
Ken-ichi Tadaki
Formation of pseudo-bulges in main-sequence galaxies at z > 2


Claire Lackner 
Bulges and discs: how galaxy components change with local environment
Daisuke Yamasawa 

Dust evolution and population III-II transition in young galaxies