Hokkaido University is proud to announce the winter meeting:

'The Impact of Galactic Structure on Star Formation'

to take place in Hokkaido, Japan from February 16th - February 21st, 2014.

The focus of this meeting will be to explore the impact of the large-scale environment on star formation, including cloud interactions, spirals and bars, galaxy collisions and morphological evolution. We aim to host around 80 people (size increased due to interest and location of a larger venue!) and include time for discussions on these topics.


Review Speakers

Frederic Bournaud [CEA Saclay]
Francoise Combes [l'Observatoire de Paris]
Emanuele Daddi [CEA Saclay]
Clare Dobbs [University of Exeter]
Yasuo Fukui [Nagoya University]
Asao Habe [Hokkaido University]
Jin Koda [Stony Brook University]
Eva Schinnerer [MPIA]
Keiichi Wada [Kagoshima University]